Who’s on 8: Word Guesser

Word Guesser in the Windows Store

Here’s a shout out to Kyle Mitofsky for getting Word Guesser published in the Windows Store. I’m a big fan of word games, and although this one has a simple concept – essentially a binary search – it’s really tough to put it down!

What’s additionally great about Kyle’s work here is that he’s put all of his code out there on GitHub so you can see and learn exactly how he built the app and leverage that to achieve your own successes in the Windows Store.

But he didn’t stop there, he was one of the presenters at the recent Vermont Code Camp where he covered Introduction to Windows 8 Apps for Windows Form Developers (and also posted his slides). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend code camp, but from his description he certainly got a lot done in that hour!

This talk will focus on the differences between traditional desktop applications and new Windows Store apps. We’ll build a couple small metro applications using VB/XAML while leveraging new controls to build an immersive application that meets Windows 8 Design Guidelines, by supporting app bars, settings panels, snapped layouts, and asynchronous calls. We’ll even get to debug code on the SurfaceRT tablet provided by Microsoft to the .NET user group.

For those of you that see Windows 8 app development as a huge learning curve or requiring super-human design abilities, Kyle’s code and slides are a fantastic way to jump in and begin leveraging the skills you already have.

Congrats, Kyle, and thank you for sharing your own experiences with the greater development community!

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