Harvard Needs Your Help

Ok, with over a $32 billion endowment, Harvard doesn’t need your money, but about 10 students would benefit from just a bit of your time.

My colleagues (Michael Cummings, Edwin Guarin, Bob Familiar, and Lance McCarthy) are teaching a course on Modern Mobile Application Development using a Lean Startup approach. At this point in the course, the students are in the pre-launch phase of their marketing and development efforts, and we’re leveraging our networks to provide them some feedback.

For this first assignment, they are each building a game for Windows Phone using Construct 2, and the students have PreApps accounts to preview their application concepts to an audience of mobile application developers and enthusiasts. Visitors (like you) to PreApps can comment on the design and concepts as well as register to be notified when the application is published. It’s a great way to play a part in the Build-Measure-Learn cycle and help the students launch a more successful product.

I encourage you to visit their application landing pages, offer constructive and actionable comments, and follow them to the ultimate launch of their games in a few weeks.  Below are the profiles currently registered (more may be added over the next few days); just click the icons/links below and you can review and add your comments directly.


Koala Quest SmurfPlatformGame Kitchen Mess The Spins

Koala Quest

Smurf Platform Game

Kitchen Mess

The Spins



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