Where’s Jim?

I wanted to thank folks for the kind e-mails and comments to my last post and give you a quick update on where I landed. I’m a Senior Software Engineer at BlueMetal Architects in Watertown MA, working on the the UX/Mobility team. I just finished week one, and it’s been great to connect again with former co-workers at Microsoft and get involved with real projects leveraging the technologies I’ve been mostly just talking about for the past six years.

BlueMetal Architects

As I’m getting my feet wet in the new role and (re)learning what it is to be a consultant working on external projects, I expect my blog postings and community engagement to lag a bit. I am though looking forward to leveraging what I’m working on to craft deeper tech postings and presentations at user groups and code camps. For those of you looking to connect with me directly, I’ve updated my contact page and look forward to keeping in touch.

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